There was me thinking economics was my easy subject. Fuck. I don’t really know any of the stuff on the past paper I have.

I just really want this to be over and done with. Then I can read books and watch Game of Thrones. Excellent.

Wow. Ok. I am so pissed off right now. My teacher yelled at me when I asked why we don’t get any study leave. I mean, I was only asking a fucking question, not trying to start a goddamn argument. I reckon she only yelled because she knows how fucking ridiculous it is that we get NO study leave for exams that are pretty much going to determine the rest of our lives.

Then I handed in an assignment late to a class which I NEVER hand anything late into. And, I can promise you, it is simply because I forgot. I thought I handed it in when it was due. Then I checked my grades and wondered why it was so low and realised it was missing. So I went to my teacher as soon as I realised and apologised etc., but she still put it in as a 0 and wrote a comment that said “Sophie, apparently, had this assignment done when it was due, but only decided to turn it in now, 3 weeks late.” OK DON’T GET FUCKING SARKY WITH ME BITCH. Especially when I haven’t handed in anything late before.

Then another teacher put my friends grade into the gradebook as mine. Her’s is way lower than mine, so it’s brought my grade down. So now I’ll have to go talk to him about it and sort it out.

UGH WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THESE TEACHER?! Why are they being such little fuckers?

Just found out I get no study leave whatsoever before IB exams.  I know they were never going to give us a week off… but now they’re saying we don’t even get the day before off to study.

It’s completely ridiculous and my exam schedule is insane. I have HL Maths, HL Chemistry, and SL Physics one after the other in the space of a week and a day. What the fuck?! I’m expected to go to my other classes like English and French before and after the exams?! 

Isn’t that a bit unfair? Honestly.

haha, as you might have seen I enjoyed that party, and I really didn’t want to go to sleep when I got home.

Over the weekend I did no work whatsoever, and I’m really paying for it now.  I’m attempting to finish my HL Maths IA, which was due earlier today, and next I have to do a Chemistry IA which was due about 2 weeks ago.

I also have a Maths mock tomorrow, which I haven’t studied for, as well as a Physics mock the day after, which I also haven’t studied for. 

I don’t know what my life has come to. I really don’t. Thank god after this week it’s Spring Break for a week. So perhaps I can catch up on some sleep and catch up on studying/preparing for my exams, which start in just over a month.

God. Life really sucks at the moment.

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Things to do this week:

  • Physics retake
  • Chemistry test
  • TOK essay
  • TOK debate
  • French presentation
  • Physics portfolios 
  • Economics project
  • Extended essay meeting/revisions
  • UCAS personal statement

Hahahaha, the life of an IB student. And somehow I have to fit tennis in, and other ‘normal’ homework, and food, and sleep.  And I’m supposed to be filing all my CAS hours before winter break. 

Fuck my life. Kill me now.

Sitting here writing my Economics IA and trying not to think about how awful that maths test was today. It was completely ridiculous! The teacher didn’t teach us half the stuff on it, and it was all incredibly hard compared to the homework problems and the quizzes. 

And parents evening is on Wednesday.

Fuck my life. For real.