I don’t care, I’m telling you anyway.

  • Read chapters 1 - 8 of Scarlet Letter and complete study guide
  • Physics lab 5A
  • Physics portfolio assignment
  • Study for physics quiz
  • French Oral (IA)
  • Prepare/study for French mock
  • Update Concept Map for Organics (With HL content)
  • Study for chemistry test
  • Chemistry DCP IA
  • Book questions for chemistry
  • Read/make notes on stereoisomerism powerpoint
  • Rewrite Maths test with reasoning (error analysis)
  • Maths homework from textbook
  • Economics classwork
  • Study for English mock



I had a good day yesterday. I walked to the mall with my Mum in the morning to have lunch, which was nice.  Then in the evening I went to the souk with my family for dinner, which we haven’t done in ages, so that was lovely.  After that I went to my friends house where we were going to hang out with a bunch of people, but some never came and the others got kicked out, so the two of us just ended up getting really drunk together and wandering around the compound.  It doesn’t seem like it would be that fun, but it really was. I enjoyed it a lot.

Now today and tomorrow I just have to work, work, work.

Uff, I’ve had enough of everything. I don’t want to work any more. I don’t want to go and listen to someone go on about maths and physics and all the rest of it. I want to learn something worthwhile. I want to learn something about life. I want to travel the world and meet interesting and new people. I want to see how they live. I want to live life differently and do something new everyday. Not live repetitively like I do now.

So, who wants to travel the world with me? We can just wander from place to place and do exciting things and talk to all sorts of different people. We can just run away and forget everything we ever knew.  

Should be studying for econ, but I just can’t be arsed. God, I wish I was more motivated than I am now.  

Had a driving lesson today, and it all went well. I was reading up about the tests over here, and it has scared the hell out of me.  It says you have to reverse into a parking space, and then drive off and reverse up a hill and around a corner… thing is, I’m only being taught how to park by driving in forwards, not backwards.  Same thing with the hill, I’m taught to go up it, stop, reverse down, and then around a corner. Not go up backwards and around a corner. Ugh fml, I hope the website was lying… I’ll ask my friend about it tomorrow.

On another note, still no message from Jack. I don’t even know if I’m bothered by it or not any more… there are pictures of him online all over this blonde girl at some party.  I mean, I never really got to know him properly, but it’s still annoying, because it was like he had actually starting to make an effort with me… you know? omg. I am such a clingy fucking loser.

YEAH so. Exams next week, driving test next week, grandparents visiting in 2 weeks, tennis trip in 3 weeks, winter formal in 4 weeks. Gonna be busy busy busyyy

I hope 2012 is as good as, if not better than this year.

I did enjoy this year one hell of a lot, I think it was probably the best I’ve had in at least 5 years.  Now, I don’t mean school; school has been the worst ever, and that’s the part I hope is better. It’s so stressful, and I really hope that eases off or I learn to deal with it better.

Socially, however, my life has been perfect. I love my friends (most of the time, ha), and I go out with them almost every weekend. Yes, we sometimes fight, and sometimes I get sick of them, but who doesn’t? Overall, it’s been great, and I hope next year is just like this one, but better. :)

I’ve just been kicked out of my own bedroom. So I have migrated downstairs where the dining table is now covered completely with all my work and study stuff.  It’s because they are apparently updating the internet cables to fibre optic so that it will be much faster. And it just so happens that they are installing it in my room.  I highly doubt it will be any better. This is Doha, after all.  And there are a bunch of random men walking in and out the front door and drilling going on. Fuck my life, I’m going to have a head ache after this.

Things to do this week:

  • Physics retake
  • Chemistry test
  • TOK essay
  • TOK debate
  • French presentation
  • Physics portfolios 
  • Economics project
  • Extended essay meeting/revisions
  • UCAS personal statement

Hahahaha, the life of an IB student. And somehow I have to fit tennis in, and other ‘normal’ homework, and food, and sleep.  And I’m supposed to be filing all my CAS hours before winter break. 

Fuck my life. Kill me now.

I did absolutely no work today. Man, am I gonna pay for it tomorrow :(

Sitting in free period writing my TOK essay and printing out past chemistry exams.  While all the non-IB kids are lazing around because it’s the last block before the weekend. :(

Chemistry test tomorrow. Ugh I am so not ready.

Why didn’t I study over the weekend?!